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Leeann Hamilton

Leeann Hamilton2016

 Leeann Hamilton

Leeann Hamilton is a self published comic book artist, as well as the lead artist of game studio Nebula Interactive. Her first series of comics, Finn & Fish, have won and been nominated for several awards. Her current work, Kitteenies, is an experiment in art style and storytelling to appeal to all ages.


Her work also appears in several of Nebula Interactive’s games, the main titles being Project G and the new Woolly Word for mobile formats.


Michael Carroll


Michael Carroll

Irish writer Michael Carroll can type over one hundred words a week and is stronger than many five-year-olds. He likes four-legged animals – especially cats – but tragically suffers from an intense hatred of, misplaced commas and cauliflower. He sometimes writes comics and novels – including Judge Dredd and the New Heroes series. Visit his awesome hand-made website at

Trade Hall

Octocon 2016 will have a thriving dealers’ room, and for that we need your help!

We would like to feature everything from books and comics to jewellery, art, and games. If you would like a table in the dealers’ hall this year and are interested in the terms, please fill in the contact form to let us know your interest.

Space is limited and tables will be allotted on a first-come-first-serve basis, so let us know early.

If you’re an author who has only a couple or three titles to sell, and do not require a full table, we will have a fully staffed Octocon table available for you to have your books sold from for a small charge per title.

If you have any questions, you can please contact Brian J. Showers via

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